Residential Windows and Doors

Residential windows Pembroke Pines FL

A company that specializes in window replacement and installation can help homeowners with the process. They can install new windows that are energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing.

They also offer window and door products that are hurricane-resistant. They can install impact and non-impact windows as well as accordion shutters. Their services include processing city and homeowner’s association permits.


The popularity of vinyl windows is partly due to their affordability and energy efficiency. They’re ideal for Pembroke Pines homeowners looking to cut down on escalating electricity bills. Moreover, they provide good protection from the hot sun.

For those looking to add privacy, frosted glass is available in a variety of patterns and designs. These windows are often paired with awning windows and are perfect for aesthetic-conscious homes.

Situated in hurricane-prone South Florida, Pembroke Pines homeowners require robust defense. Impact windows prevent damage from flying debris, reduce home security risks, and boost energy efficiency. They also enhance the suburban landscape of this vibrant suburb. They’re also a great investment for Pembroke Pines homes that need an architectural update.


If you’re in the market for impact windows and doors, consider working with a company that offers a variety of durable, energy-efficient products. Look for a provider that works with leading brands, offers power-saving window options, and has years of experience in the industry.

JVR Impact Windows and Doors is a family-operated business that services single-family homes, mobile or manufactured homes, condos, and commercial buildings in Pembroke Pines. Its team of specialists can install horizontal rolling, awning, and casement windows, as well as French, sliding, and single-hung doors.

Impact windows can protect properties from the dangerous debris thrown by strong winds during hurricanes. They don’t shatter like standard windows, and in many cases, they don’t break at all. They also help protect properties from water damage and floods.

Bay & Bow

Adding bay and bow windows to your home adds a distinct architectural element. These projection windows can help increase a room’s functional living space and boost curb appeal. They also offer a wider view of the outdoors.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing home or build a new one, these window installation services can help you choose the right type and style of windows for your property. Some even offer custom windows to suit your personal style and budget.

This company specializes in impact-resistant glass and window installations for residential and commercial properties. Its installers can handle all aspects of the project, including processing city and homeowner’s association permits. It carries products from various manufacturers and can also install patio or balcony enclosures.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt-turn windows provide a range of ventilation options for your home. They can be opened from the top, allowing hot air to flow out of the home, or they can be fully opened like doors, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including bathrooms and kitchens. They also offer improved safety and security, as they have a much higher resistance to forced entry than traditional hung windows.

Craftsman replacement windows offer a rustic aesthetic that complements many types of homes. They often feature grid patterns and wood frames, making them a great option if you want to preserve the classic feel of your property during a window replacement project.

Insert windows, or pocket installations, are a quick and less-invasive way to perform a window replacement. They can be used in new construction projects or in existing homes that need to be updated.


FB Doors is a family-owned business that serves clients in Pembroke Pines. Its services include window and door installation, repairs, and replacements for residential and commercial properties. It also provides hurricane preparedness options. Its windows are rated for high-velocity hurricane winds and designed to protect buildings from debris that blows during these storms.

The company offers a variety of frosted and jalousie windows, as well as impact-resistant ones. It also offers sliding and French doors for residential properties. Its products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Energy-efficient windows can help homeowners reduce their energy bills and save money. They also protect homes from damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. They can also help prevent fading of furniture and carpets. They are an ideal choice for households in Florida, which has a tropical climate.