Popular Window Styles in Pembroke Pines FL

Window installations are essential for your home’s function and feel. If your old windows are leaking, letting in drafts or causing your energy bills to rise, you should consider upgrading them.

Impact resistant hurricane windows are designed with your safety in mind, shielding your property from high-intensity winds and debris during storms. They also reduce power bills and can lower insurance premiums.

Awning Windows

Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, letting in that refreshing Florida breeze. These windows are a popular choice for Pembroke Pines homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs. New energy-efficient windows can help save enough money on utility bills to pay for the cost of installation in relatively short time.

Double hung windows are a favorite among window contractors in Pembroke Pines FL because they offer superior protection for homes in high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). They have two operable sashes that slide vertically within a single frame, offering excellent ventilation and resistance to water infiltration and wind damage.

A growing trend for home improvement is the addition of composite and UPVC windows. These materials combine the best qualities of wood and vinyl, making them sturdy, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Their Low-E glass coatings help limit heat transfer between indoor and outdoor environments, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning use. These windows also create effective barriers against external noise, ensuring a quieter living environment.

Picture Windows

Featured on many homes and buildings, picture windows are large single-pane, fixed windows that don’t open. They offer unobstructed views of the beautiful Pembroke Pines landscape and provide ample sunlight, making interiors feel bright and spacious.

For homeowners who prefer energy efficiency, tinted glass is an excellent choice. It acts as a barrier against the sun’s intense heat, saving money on those escalating electricity bills.

Composite windows are another window replacement option to consider for your Pembroke Pines home. This material combines the strengths of wood and vinyl, offering durability and efficiency.

For homeowners in a hurricane-prone region, impact windows are essential for your protection and property value. These windows shield your property from severe winds and heavy debris, preventing them from shattering into projectiles that could harm people and pets. They also help prevent water damage from incoming storm surges. Additionally, they may result in reduced insurance costs for property owners. Contact us for impact windows and doors to protect your home from the wrath of Florida’s tropical weather patterns.

Bay & Bow Windows

Featuring geometric appearances, bay windows extend outward from the home, while bow windows have curved angles that give them a more rounded look. Both styles offer an abundance of natural light and create a grand impression on the home’s exterior.

Wood window materials are a timeless choice, offering classic appeal. They’re naturally insulating, keeping homes cool in Pembroke Pines’ hot climate. However, they need regular maintenance to avoid termite infestations and warping in the sun.

For an energy-efficient option, choose a window with Low-E glass. This glass has a reflective coating that helps keep heat out and reduces your utility bills. Aluminum window material is another durable, low-maintenance solution for Pembroke Pines window replacement projects. It’s also corrosion-resistant, a crucial attribute for properties in Florida’s storm-prone regions.

French Doors

Known for their European appeal, French doors are a popular choice in Pembroke Pines homes. They provide both ventilation and light, making them the ideal option for homeowners seeking both beauty and functionality.

When selecting an interior door replacement company, Pembroke Pines residents should focus on experience and a diverse range of products and services. A comprehensive service approach ensures that your home refurbishment project will be executed seamlessly without disrupting your daily life.

In a hurricane-prone area like southeastern Florida, homeowners can’t afford to take chances with low-quality windows and doors. Choosing the right window style and installation company will protect your property from severe weather and help you save on energy costs. A reliable company offers a wide selection of impact-resistant and energy efficient window and door styles. Vinyl is an affordable and durable material that holds up to the subtropical climate of southeastern Florida. It also offers great insulation and is easy to maintain.