Door Styles for Your Home

Choosing the right door for your home can be tough. Exterior doors must be tough against the elements and easy on the eye; interior doors need to fit each room’s aesthetic and function well.

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Entry Door

Your entry door makes a statement that speaks to the style of your house and projects security. Choosing the right one can make a significant impact on your home without draining your vacation fund.

Decorative wrought iron adorns this mahogany front door for an earthy look that complements the stone and brick of this bungalow exterior. The door also incorporates sidelights that let in natural light while adding a sense of security and symmetry to the design.

Traditional doors work well with Colonial and Classical architecture and are a good fit for a wide range of color palettes. A solid-paneled wood door looks rich but requires frequent upkeep, while fiberglass and composite doors mimic the look for less money and with added durability and insulation value.

French Door

French doors, also known as porte-fenetre (literally door window), were originally developed in the 17th century to allow more light into dimly lit homes. They’re designed to open side-by-side and feature large panes of glass that extend for much of their length. They work well in traditional living rooms ideas and provide an easy transition to the outdoors.

Whether you opt for timber framed french doors or high-performance uPVC options, the result will be energy efficiency, durability, and beauty. Look for products from reputable manufacturers like Solidor or Nicedor to get the best performance and style.

If you’re considering replacing your garage door, check if it meets South Florida’s strict building codes that protect against hurricanes. A new impact-rated garage door will give you peace of mind, and it’s also a stylish addition to any home. Look for a company that uses Accoya, an innovative modified timber that’s 60 per cent stronger than hardwood and has a long lifespan.

Sliding Glass Door

The sliding glass door style is a great way to open up living spaces and connect indoor and outdoor areas. These doors create large expanses of glass that let in beautiful natural light and are available in two-, three- and four-panel configurations to suit your home design.

Sliding glass doors are also an excellent option for Florida homeowners who want to bolster the safety of their homes during hurricanes and tropical storms. These doors use heavy duty aluminum framing and impact glass to ensure your family’s comfort and protection in the event of a severe weather event.

Sliding doors are prone to wear and tear over time, so it’s a good idea to work with a window repair company in Pembroke Pines FL that offers regular maintenance services. These companies can help address issues such as a broken or stuck door roller, track or handle, and can also identify and repair any issues that may affect your window’s overall performance and energy efficiency.

Patio Door

With an increased focus on maximizing glass and integrating indoor/outdoor living, patio doors are becoming one of the most important home design decisions. Choose from sleek sliding and bifold options that offer a variety of sizes, materials and customization possibilities.

Sliding doors work well in tight spaces where a swinging door may interfere with furniture or planters. Typically framed in aluminum, these doors feature narrower frames that maximize the amount of glazed area.

Accordion doors, also known as bifold doors, provide a seamless transition between your kitchen and patio. They can also work well in larger openings, as they slide to the side when open rather than swinging out or inward.

If you live in a high-velocity hurricane zone, consider protecting your home with impact-rated double entry doors. These doors are designed to meet Florida’s stringent hurricane standards. The doors can be crafted from wood, fiberglass or aluminum-clad wood and come in a range of styles to complement any architectural style.